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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015


Ghanaian Presidents Pay Tax or Not

Should Ghanaian presidents pay tax or not? Neoghana polls are designed to collect readers view on pressing development issues. Your vote in this poll dealing with collection in Ghana has significant education and public policy values. Therefore, we rate your participation as an invaluable service to development. Thank you.

Poverty of Thought

The cause of Africa’s underdevelopment is poverty of thought. Poverty thought is occasioned by corruption, greed or welfare for the political class and education. In pondering the source of Nigeria’s misfortune or underdevelopment Chinua Achebe, finds the seminal absence of intellectual rigor in the political thought of the founding fathers as the cause. Like Nigeria, Ghana’s economic misfortune is attributable to the lack of rigorous political and economic thought. The greed or welfare for the elite political class has led to the structuring of a government of the people forRead More