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Century-Old School Poses Threat To Pupils

The teachers and pupils of the Ho-Bankoe Roman Catholic Mixed Primary and Kindergarten (KG) Schools are calling on the general public to as a matter of urgency ‘rescue’ them from the current poor school infrastructure they are using as the 112-year old classroom block could collapse on them anytime.

According to the teachers, the school authorities at a point had no alternative than to evacuate kids in classes 1-3 to one of the old chapel structures on the premises after realizing that the classroom block was not only too weak but also too heated and unsuitable for leaning.

The Headmistress of the school, Madam Rose Afaglo, who made this known to the media in Ho recently, between10: am and 4pm, pupils become so uncomfortable the boys are compelled to take off their shirts and remain bare-chested for several hours.
“Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons we cannot allow the female pupils to take off their uniforms the way the boys are allowed to. This is sad and unfair”, she lamented.

She added: “The teachers and pupils in these classrooms are not safe at all and you can see the big cracks that had developed, so as we are about to vacate, the problem would still be there when we resume that is why the authorities are pleading for assistance to help address the problem. The Roman Catholic Church has been doing a lot and we do not intend to burden them any further, that is why we are appealing to groups, individuals, NGOs to come to our aid”.
Madam Afaglo hinted that the chapel is currently serving as classrooms, office also store-room for books, school drums and other items, adding that classes are disrupted whenever it threatened to rain
A class three teacher, Seraphim Gbemu, stated that the deplorable situation discouraged some pupils from coming to school regularly.

Some of the pupils who spoke to this reporter revealed that the school had no toilet facilities, and that they usually walked for several blocks to the Civic Centre to attend to nature’s call. This exposes the kids to danger as they had to cross the ever busy road to the civic centre.

The Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Mr. Marshall Doamekpor, noted that the school had produced prominent personalities over the years and described the current state of affairs as simply unfortunate.

By Samuel Nsenyah

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