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What is John Boadu Afraid off?

Don’t Reshuffle Now, John Boadu Begs President Akufo-Addo

Don’t Reshuffle Now, John Boadu Begs President Akufo-Addo
“The question of changing Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s) and cabinet Ministers is the prerogative of the president. The President in many instances don’t give reasons why he need to make changes in his cabinet; however, considering majority of Ghanaians complaining about the over bloated number of ministers in the Akufo Addo led government, the president has vowed to axe many of his non-performing ministers and there’s no sign he will replace those ministers at any time.
One person who have had sleepless nights over the much-awaited reshuffle of the president’s cabinet is the current Organizer of the New Patriotic Party and acting general secretary, John Boadu, who have pleaded with the president over the past two weeks to put brakes on his decision since this will have a devasted outcome for him during the upcoming congress of the NPP to be held in Koforidua.
According to inside sources, John Boadu told the president that the current grassroot of the party are agitated and have vowed to vote against him being elected as the party’s scribe. The source continued that the acting secretary and a team of the party hierarchy instructed the vetting committee to even disqualify another candidate as a general secretary hopeful in other to pave way for him to go through the congress uncontested. However, several attempts to persuade the Most Rev. Asante Antwi team to disqualify the other potential candidate for general secretary did not yield much result. A document sited on social media confirmed the hatched plan thwarted by the man of God and his team which therefore leaves the acting secretary parading himself on radio stations during interviews with nothing but to face another competitor in the general secretary race.
Mr. John Boadu sensing danger and loosing his grip on the general secretary role have relied heavily on the presidency and jubilee house to not kill his bid prematurely. He begged the president to wait after congress to reshuffle his cabinet since this will accord him the respect to woo the ministers and DCE’s mostly delegates to vote for him before the president hand them their termination letters. A source from the Boadu camp speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorise to disclose information stated that Mr. John Boadu will promise delegates of the party a lot of opportunities he will offer them when he is voted as the next general secretary and therefore win the support of such delegates especially the cabinet ministers and DCE’s.
The president has agreed to his request for a later reshuffle after the party congress in other to aide his loyalist John Boadu secure votes from such ministers and DCE’s even though they will soon be leaving his government due to termination of their services. Several DCE’s and ministers we contacted confirmed that they have heard such “rumours” but are patiently waiting to hear from the corridor of power who will be affected with the reshuffle since it is premature for them to determine at this point.
Many attempts to contact John Boadu’s competitor Mr. Richard Ahiagbah also vying for the general secretary position to ascertain the news of disqualification of his candidature and the lack of support from the presidency proved futile. However, some delegates of the party we spoke to confirmed that they have been contacted by John Boadu and his team to vote for them because of they are the winning team that brought power in 2016, but the delegates said they are not perturb by such persuasions but will only vote for competency and best person. The claimed that just as the voted for the president in 2016 the same way they will vote in this election too.
The NPP will go to congress on 6th July to 8th July 2018 to elect its next officers to lead their party for the next four years.

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