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Ghana and Africa—Are Global Consumers

Ghanaians and indeed Africans have become global consumers because we import almost everything in high volumes for domestic consumption, but export little. We are less dispose to producing today than our ancestors were due to increase global trade and production.

Global trade is great, it has facilitated access to products and services that we lack the expertise and local advantage to produce. But it is by no means an excuse not to develop and harness domestic capacity to produce.

We, in this generation, have the responsibility to minimize the continent’s utter dependence on the rest of the world. We cannot fail; because we would have made difficult the prospect of succeeding generations to do so. In a sense, failure means leaving behind a Ghana and Africa more dependent than we inherited.

Understanding this generational responsibility is important particularly as Ghanaians prepare to elect new leadership. It is, therefore, imperative for voters to know that elections are not simply a—thumb-printing exercise, but also a generational assignment to deliver better leadership and a future, better than we inherited.











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