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Ghana, Vote for Ideas in December

Ghana’s economy is in a dire situation, therefore; our votes must be for ideas not for a political party. The economy faces multiple challenges namely high unemployment, high inflation, high interest rate, high taxes and declining national income. The net effect of these challenges is increasing high cost of living and widespread poverty.

The task for the voters is to examine the candidates of the NDC and NPP for their ideas or vision to mitigate enumerated challenges and to improve opportunities for Ghanaians. So, it is essential that voters listen intently and objectively to the NDC and NPP for their strategy to improve the economy.

Let’s start with President Mahama and the NDC. The NDC’s 2016 Manifesto, failed to show voters a new policy direction to address the challenges facing the economy. While the NDC will disagree, it is inarguable that the sets of fiscal policy items listed in their Manifesto have little ideas to overcome Ghana’s economic dilemma.

Much of the promises in the Manifesto under fiscal policy are not legitimate fiscal policy ideas. For instance, to “ensure a transparent, effective and efficient natural resource management regime including oil and gas resource management.” Or “consolidate the processes for the management of public finances to improve reporting, accountability, and transparency.”

These items which the NDC wishes to pass on as fiscal policy ideas are good examples of fiscal, administrative reform guidelines. Reforms are measurably different from fiscal policy. A principal character of economic policy is measurability while reform policies or guidelines are speculative or subjective in nature.

Promising reform in revenue collection and management regimes is not a substitute for a measurable strategy to reverse the downward trend of the economy. So, despite its Manifesto, President Mahama and the NDC owe voters a credible economic plan to improve economic opportunity for Ghanaians which has worsened under their watch.

The same standard applies Nana Addo and the NPP. Once the party launches its Manifesto, voters must carefully examine its content as we have the NDC’s for their fiscal policy ideas to address the economic challenges listed above. In addition to the Manifestos, voters are encouraged to listen to both campaigns closely to discern which party or candidate’s message offers the best possible outcomes for Ghana.


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