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Krontihehe Goes Wild Over Land Sale Allegation

The Krontihene of Sunyani, Nana Bofotia Boamposem, has given an ultimatum to the authorities of Sunyani Senior High (SUSEC) and old students of the school who organised a demonstration over the sale of the school’s lands to prove that he (Krontihene) had a hand in the deal or face his wrath.

He gave organizers of the “Asonomma Nsore” demonstration five days to bring forth evidence of their claims or suffer the penalty for it, adding that he would abdicate the stool of it was proven that he sold school lands.

Speaking at a press conference, Nana Boamposem, who brought a sheep to the venue, charged those making the claims to come forward with the plot number, site plan and the person to whom the land was sold.

“They are saying that I have sold lands belonging to SUSEC, which is never true. Even if I would sell land belonging to my family I will consult the family before selling it,” Nana Bomaposem noted, stressing that he would not let the matter rest until his accusers come out with proof.

According to the chief, what the organizers of the demonstration did was to incite his family against him and make him unpopular.

Last week, old students of Sunyani Senior High School, continuing students and staff embark on a peaceful demonstration to register their displeasure over the sale of the school’s land by some faceless people in Sunyani.

From: Michael Sarpong MFUM,Sunyani


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