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Mahama Has Failed, NDC World Bank Youths

A group of Ketu-South youth says President Mahama is a failure and does not deserve a second chance. The group maintains that Mahama has lost the support of the youth, and they will work to inform their brothers and sisters to vote against Mahama and the NDC in 2016.

A youth member of the group says “we find it our mission to ensure Mahama is not reelected the president, at least not by votes from Ketu-South.” The NDC is in for a rude awaking if it thinks Ketu-South is a done deal.  In 2016, we will not be the usual used and dumped “world Bank,” we will not fall again for the NDC’s talk and no action politics,

We are not organizing for any party, as people who would like to impute whenever individuals decide to follow their conscience. We are not politically aligned; we are not NPP or any other party. Like every suffering Ghanaian, we are concerned about electing a president that will give the youth of Ketu-South and the rest of Ghana a fighting chance and, Mahama is not that leader. For us, blind partisan politics will not play a role in our decision in 2016.

When asked about Mahama’s plea for a second term, the group immediately dismissed it as evidence of failure. Mahama inherited a growing economy following the sad death of President Mills, but instead of building on the hard work of Mills, he destroyed it. So, do not tell us about a second term and a glorious day in the future. After all, what will the president do different that, he has not already tried?

According to them, Mahama should be ashamed to ask for an additional four more years after he collapsed the economy and ran the country back to the claws of the IMF. If you live in Ghana today, you must agree with us that, Mahama has failed Ghanaians and, we will do our part to save our economically burdened fellow citizens from another Mahama administration come November 7th.

Concerning their member of parliament, Mr. Fiifi Kwetey, the group says Fiifi Kwetey is an even bigger failure who used the people of Ketu-South as a stepping stone to pursue selfish political ambition. The so-called MP has not visited the constituency as an MP should since being elected. He is only busy running around enjoying the spoils of his ministerial position while his constituents wallow in extreme poverty.

We will vote against the NDC because 24 years of voting for the party has brought the youth of our constituency no progress economically. We are not voting for the NDC in this year’s election, and the earlier the party comes to terms the better for them.

Like youths everywhere we are worried about our future because the NDC has not shown a plan or commitment to secure a better future for us. Our future is in the balance due to broken promises and indifference of our political leaders, and we are determined to send a clear message that, enough is enough.

To this end, we encourage young people all over Ghana to join the youths of Ketu-South to hold this NDC government and others that will follow accountable through the ballot box without recourse to party.  It is about our future and Ghana so, politics and political parties come last.

By Kuma Tann

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4 Comments to Mahama Has Failed, NDC World Bank Youths

  1. Acha says:

    Comment:Kuma,I am sorry you think so.I see fallacy of begging the question in your conclusion.You said you dont belong to any political party but you called you in to forget voting President Mahama for the second time.But if he loses another wins it therefore implies that you belong to the party could win.Against this background I appeal to think twice.I also urge you to read political statistics in Ghana since 1992 for advice.Thankfully yours.

    • Neoghana says:

      Hello Acha, Thanks for your comment especially for keeping it insults free. Your views and participation enrich the discourse.

      Neo Ghana Team.

  2. is good, you people are now seing the truth
    the NDC can not developed they only know how to share and chorp a poor Ghanaians taxe paying money

    • Neoghana says:

      Hello Karim, Thanks for your comment especially for keeping it free of insults. Other readers will learn from your contributions.
      Your participation is appreciated.

      Neo Ghana Team.

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