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NDC 2016 Manifesto, Nothing New to Report

The NDC has launched its 2016 Manifesto, but there is nothing new to report except to it say, it offers more of the same failed promises. I am of the view that the NDC lacks the vision to orchestrate economic opportunities for Ghanaians. The fact of this claim is self-evident in the under-performance of this NDC administration. Thus, the call for a change of government is not merely political, but also moral.

The 2016 NDC manifesto is anything but empty declarations of a party whose sole purpose is to prey on the vulnerabilities of people desperate for good economic news and future. In that environment, reciting the populist, yet vain slogan of “Changing lives, transforming Ghana,” is equivalent to predatory politics.

The NDC reveals in its 2016 manifesto that it has neither the desire nor the discipline to perform the hard work necessary for a real positive change and transformation. In fact, the refusal to take responsibility for its poor handling of Ghana’s economy is a testament that the NDC has no real interest or plans to deliver on any of the things promised in its new Manifesto.

Thus, it is not strange that President Mahama and the NDC have failed to show how they would alleviate the very high level of youth unemployment, anemic economic growth as well as the wealth destroying inflation brought on by their poor management of the economy. The manifesto also fails to show Ghanaians among other things, just how the NDC plans to stimulate the economy if elected. In other words, the manifesto fails to show where the planned expenditure on the lofty promises would come.

So the voter must ask, just how useful is a new manifesto if all it does is to forward a failed past promises. To this end, the 2016 manifesto as launched by the NDC is a propaganda document which outlines everything the government wishes to spend for predatory effect, without a corresponding income generation plan for scrutiny.

In sum, the 2016 Manifesto portends no new direction or serious policy ideas for Ghana besides a crude ploy to win votes. So, to electorates, I say, do not believe the promises of President Mahama and the NDC in their so-called new manifesto because it is the same old failed document dressed up as new. 

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