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NDC and NPP Must Discuss Their Plan for the Future

The 2016 general election has entered a critical stage as candidates file their nomination with the Electoral Commission. It is important for voters especially the youth to engage, to move the dialogue away from the general personality theme to substantive—bread and butter issues of job creation and economic policy.

To do so, voters must learn about the plans of the two leading candidates to improve the weak economy of the last eight or four years. What plans have the candidates proposed, to address the widespread unemployment and high cost of living?

So far, there is little policy ideas from both parties to deal with the economic pain of the youth. The NDC, being responsible for the weak economy of the past eight years has not put forth a credible economic plan. Somehow, the NDC refers to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) conditional tightening of fiscal and monetary policies as its plan.

For the record, the IMF’s loan condition is designed firstly to serve its interest, not Ghana’s interest. In other words, the IMF’s policy recommendation for Ghana guarantees the timely repayment of the loan rather than the long run economic wellbeing of Ghana.

So, it is not surprising that the IMF continues to present its anti-growth policy for Ghana as credible because it is a win-win for the IMF and a lose-lose for Ghana.

Though the NDC passes on a misjudged fiscal and monetary policies by the IMF as a viable growth plan, the effect on the lives of Ghanaians so far, suggest it is the wrong strategic direction for Ghana. Increasing high unemployment, interest rates, inflation, and a declining national income is just some of the effects.

On the other hand, Voters must also inquire about Nana Addo and the NPP’s plan to fix the weak NDC economy, if elected. The NPP or Nana Addo has been discussing industrialization as their preferred plan to bring economic growth. In many ways, industrialization is the right agenda for Ghana because it has been shown as a viable growth policy in other developing economies.

However, Nana Addo and the NPP owe Ghanaians details of the plan to take Ghana from raw material exporting economy to production. Voters deserve to know how the NPP will implement their manufacturing policy. Industrialization is good for Ghana, but voters need details to inform their choice on December 7th.

For once, let’s resolve to demand solutions from those contesting to shape our collective destiny, rather than skirting around the issues on partisan grounds.


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2 Comments to NDC and NPP Must Discuss Their Plan for the Future

  1. David Antwi Boakye says:

    John Mahama’s governance is buy and sell economy. To borrow is easier than industralising. The illiteracy in Ghana is such that they care about what they see not the costing. Mahama taking advantage of is making a show case of projects and stealing every pesewa with his cronies.If you calculate the cost or estimates all the projects it’s about 6.9m American dollars

  2. Flintsl says:

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