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NDC Suhum Thugs vandalize EC offices

The Suhum NDC constituency organizer Mr. Kofi Wayo confirms that the thugs that vandalized EC offices and disrupted ongoing vote transfer exercise in Suhum are members of the NDC. Mr. Wayo, said this in a radio interview admitting that he has spoken and apologized to both the EC and police to forgive the conduct of the thugs. Is this sign of worse things to come?
The thugs did not only disrupt the peace, but they also threatened the lives of EC officials and ceased printers. Mr. Maxwell Kudekor, one of the EC official, confirmed in a radio interview that the thugs threatened to gut him if he failed to transfer votes. Certainly, this is beyond the pale because these thugs are not only vain scoundrels, but are also unduly influencing the electoral process in a manner beneficial to their party, the NDC.
Perhaps, one has to agree that the NDC is desperate and, would do whatever it can to advance its chances in December, including enabling thugs to destroy state property with impunity. Do we still laws in Ghana, and a police service to enforce them?
It seems these criminals would walk free because the Suhum NDC organizer has apologized for their criminal behavior. There is a pattern to the behavior of the Suhum thugs, they learned from the Montie three that insofar as their actions advance President Mahama and NDC’s interests, they will be home free despite their crime.
President Mahama and NDC cannot pretend to be unaware of Suhum especially after the constituency organizer has admitted to police and the EC that, the thugs are members associated with the Suhum branch of the NDC. The behavior these thugs bears gravely on the democratic rights of the residents of Suhum. So, for the President Mahama to pretend it did not happen amounts to a dangerous abdication of his sworn duty to the people of Ghana.
Until these NDC thugs are charged, we are to consider the apology of the constituency organizer as sufficient punishment for their barefaced abuse of the law. Oh, how I hope the better angels in the NDC would arise to save their party from further decay. Till then, all of Ghana and all of the world are watching the NDC’s selective application of the law in disgust.
By Kumah Tann

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