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Poultry farmers affected by Bird Flu to be compensated

Government has indicated it will on Wednesday begin compensation of farmers whose poultry farms were destroyed by the Ministry of Agriculture during the outbreak of the bird flu.

An outbreak of the Bird flu in the country in May 2015 saw about forty thousand birds destroyed.

However, officials from the Ministry are expected to give a detailed account of government`s moves to curb a spread of the virus at a ceremony to be held in Accra.

Outlining the criteria that will be used to pay the farmers, the Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Hannah Bissiw told Accra-based Citi Fm that “When a farm is affected and they do the destruction, we only pay for the birds that we destroy not what you report that have died so whatever is destroyed the district assembly comes in to witness, we give a certificate of destruction and then the crates of eggs that were destroyed, structures that were destroyed and also feed that may be destroyed. So we get the data then we use the market value of the product at the time to compensate farmers. Government takes 90 percent and the farmer  takes 10 percent of the cost.”

She further added that the ban on the movement of live birds and poultry products still remains in force, however, there is no ban on consumption of poultry products.

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