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President Mahama and the State of Change of in Ketu South

Change and transformation, nothing could be further from the truth. There is no change happening in Ketu South; it does not matter where you look. The standard of living especially, for the youths went from bad to worse under President Mahama. As such, Mahama does not speak for the majority of Ketu South youths when he said change is happening because what we are experiencing is not change, but hell and vanquished hope.

It is a strange paradox that this government keeps promoting policies that make life difficult for the youths, but somehow reasons that we would ignore the very real economic hardship we endure daily. We do not need anybody, certainly not the president to tell us how we should feel; we know change is not happening to us. President Mahama and the NDC cannot use cheap propaganda disguised as a State of the Nation address to wish our hardships.

So, contrary to President Mahama’s claim, we the youths of Ketu South, do not see change happening in the lives of our brothers and sisters, and we do not experience it ourselves either. However, we see two changes happening. First, we see lives getting worse for the youths here in Ketu South. There are no jobs for us, but our cost of living is steadily increasing.

The second change we see happening is an awakening among the youths to the realities that, the block voting for the NDC has not served their interest. It is evident that Mahama knows voters behavior is likely to change when the administration increased utilities and fuel rates while wages remain stagnant. How is that change or transformation? So, we do not need President Mahama to tell us about change while we suffer the effects of his policies daily.

President Mahama should visit Ketu South if he thinks change is happening so that he can show it off to the rest country. Perhaps, he should not come because he would not find a drop of change here in Ketu South. Under Mahama and the NDC’s administration, the youths of Ketu South and I assume the rest of the country, are worse off. Call that change if you like, but we call it adverse change.

So, make no mistake about it, we are organizing in our own small way to show President Mahama and the NDC in November, what real change looks like when disaffected youths have had enough of a failed leadership.

By Kuma Tann

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