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President Rawlings

In advising Ghanaians to vote their conscience in 2016, President Rawlings tacitly admits to the failure of President Mahama’s government. Rawlings cannot be any clearer when he said, “I am not here to campaign, but it is important I entreat you to make the right choice based on what you think is right.” Rawlings’ advice is necessary information for all 2016 electorates especially, the youth.
There is no doubt about what Rawlings meant by his statement. Somehow, Rawlings believes the Mahama administration is not doing well. For, what else would motive the founder who demonstrably loves his party, to ask Ghanaians to think twice before voting on November 7th.
Rawlings has proven a real statesman because the economic difficulty in the country demands a departure from the extant partisan to objective or conviction based voting. The call clearly implies dissatisfaction with this NDC administration, but he entreats voters in general to give careful considerations to all the candidates especially, Mahama and Nana Addo of the NPP.
The call for Ghanaians to vote their conscience is consistent with Rawlings’ record of principled leadership. With this remark, Rawlings demonstrates strict adherence to the principles of probity and accountability the mainstay of his administration. In others words, the call reveals a deviation of the NDC from its founding principles of integrity and accountability. There cannot be any doubt about Rawlings’ patriotism as he would rather see his party in opposition rather than governing without regard for its founding principles.
Ghanaians are likely to respond positively to the ex-president’s call for voter objectivity because it exemplifies integrity and statesmanship. Ghana needs more of this kind of leadership to enrich both our democracy and grow the economy. The future of Ghana economy is bleak unless the leadership realizes Ghanaians will not stand for business as usual whatever the party.
The time has come to grow Ghana’s democracy beyond petty partisanship and patronage which has brought the country nothing, but economic regression. Perhaps, we should encourage our former presidents to demonstrates objective leadership to alleviate the present ethical and moral bankruptcy of our politics. It is a great opportunity for our former presidents to consolidate their legacy as well as hold present leaders accountable.

Kuma Tann

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