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Propose permanent solutions to fix voters register – PPP to NPP

The Progressive People’s Party, PPP says it will only support the New Patriotic Party, NPP, if iits solution to fix the voters register is based on the use  of the national identification system.

The NPP has begun courting the support of other political parties, to join them to seek a new voters’ register from the Electoral Commission.

The NPP argues, the current register is bloated and unreliable. But the PPP wants the NPP to take advantage of its huge numbers and following to recommend better and lasting reforms in the electoral system.

The PPP general secretary, Kofi Asamoah Siaw told the NPP Instead of pursuing an agenda to change the voters’ register should insist the EC uses the National identification system to generate a new register.

“The best solution that we propose is to implement the National Identification System and the Electoral Commission is the first institution that is supposed to benefit from the National Identification data base.” He said

Mr. Asamoah Siaw believes this approach is permanent and beneficial to the county. The NPP’s proposal to the EC he said “should be to rely from now, on the national identification system, extract all Ghanaians of 18 years old and put them on the register.

“Those who have turned eighteen and would want to vote will then visit district electoral offices to request for the polling station where they want to vote and their names will be put on that list.”


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