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Vice President Amissah-Arthur, Alleges Electoral Fraud

Vice President, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur alleges that opponents of the ruling NDC are working to steal the elections in December. While it is a serious charge, it is hard to believe that Mr. Amissah-Arthur honestly thinks his government or the NDC could be outmaneuvered despite its front row seat.
Is the vice president playing reverse psychology or truly, opposition parties pose a real threat to the NDC’s chances in December? Far cry or not, the allegation must be taken seriously because a rigged election is a direct threat to the tenets of democracy.
As the ruling government, it is easy to cast Mr. Amissah-Arthur’s allegation as false. But, assuming it is true that, indeed some opponents of the NDC intend to rig the elections; it no doubt threatens the very essence of democracy. So, let’s indulge the vice president by encouraging the relevant institutions to investigate the allegation.

To this end, Mr. Amissah-Arthur has an obligation to provide information about the plot and the supposed opposition party or parties desiring to rig or pervert the will of the voters. Perhaps, the Electoral Commission and the BNI should contact the vice president for the necessary information to foil plans to steal the election.

Alternatively, the vice president could name and shame the perpetrator or the so-called opponents of the NDC publicly. In the least, shaming the opposition bent on corrupting the voice of the people would inure to NDC’s benefit as well as make Mr. Amissah-Arthur, the hero of democracy.

So, that is one reading of Mr. Amissah-Arthur’s allegation. Another interpretation of the vice president’s charge is the suggestion that he is disingenuously diverting attention from opposition parties’ yearn for free and fair elections in December. Could the vice president be engaged in a cynical ploy to distract attention from the concerned call for electoral fairness?

The season being what it is, is almost impracticable for one to hold a breath for the vice president. For what it is worth, it suffices to say that, Mr. Amissah-Arthur is playing reverse psychology on Ghanaians. In other words, the vice president is stating in reverse, what his party might do to gain electoral advantage in December.

At the junction of the two conflicting interpretations is Vice President Amissah-Arthur, he holds the key to the truth. Hopefully, he would provide additional information to avert the plot or cease playing on the emotions of Ghanaians by falsely casting the NDC as a possible victim of democracy.


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